The 4d10 Team

We chose the name 4d10 (four-dee-ten) because it was memorable, aligned well with gaming, and sounded better than any of the alternatives we could think up. Like all gamers, we love to tinker with games. In the case of cards, we often thought of adapting or adding cards to make a game play “better.” Or, we thought of making gag cards -- friends’ heads stuck on cartoon bodies, references to infamous game decisions, or just plain goofy things that happen during a game.


Steven Brandes

Graphics and Creator of Cardmogrifier

Steven has been gaming since the early 70s when he rode his old Schwinn bike over 10 miles to purchase a copy of Avalon Hill’s D-Day game. Since that time gaming has had him interested in everything from Paint-ball and LARPing to Card Games and Miniatures. He loves it ALL!

Being a Printer and Graphic Artist by trade, Steven started making up his own stuff for games decades ago. The idea of giving all the gamers out there the tools and supplies they need to modify or outright create their own games is a dream come true for him.


Russ Lockwood

Writing and Editing

Russ has been bouncing around the miniatures world for the last 25 years in one- capacity or another. He appeared on camera on The History Channel (Modern Marvels), ABC, NBC, Fox, and various cable TV shows as well as on various radio shows. He’s given lectures at various HMGS conventions, Origins War College, and various professional meetings and seminars.

He is currently a freelance editor and writer covering financial and military defense news, with a concentration on the retail industry. On the miniatures front, you may have seen his columns and articles in various hobby publications in the 1990s and 2000s.


Tori Turqman

Spokes Model

Our spokes model Tori is more than just a pretty face. She’s been playing games ever since she can remember. LARPing is currently where you’ll most likely find her gaming. Our good friend Sal dubbed her the “Witch” when years ago during a ‘Wings of War’ game she flew her plane through a hail of lead remaining untouched as she shot down more of us than we care to admit publicly.

Currently, she is attending Bloomfield College, studying Computer Science and Game Design.



WebPage and Other Technical Expertise

Growing up in gaming Eric enjoys quite the range of gaming, from Tabletop to Console, He is always up for a good challenge.

A Man of many talents, He is responsible for maintaining our website. In addition he has lent his technical background to aiding in a variety of projects and ideas we've been kicking around.